Take a stand

Often times as a Christian it is difficult to express our beliefs to those who are not Christian. As with many things, it is not easy to understand something from the outside looking in. What could be so hard to understand? In my opinion, there is a word that a lot of people in the world no longer understand or put to use everyday. One word could be at the very core. What is that word? Submission.

Once a person accepts Jesus as the Lord of their life, they submit themselves to His Word and His authority. If that does not happen, have you accepted Him or are you attempting to use Him? If you cannot submit to His authority here what makes one suppose they will want to submit to His authority in Heaven or His soon coming Kingdom?

If you have accepted Jesus as your Lord, you must then also accept His Word, the Holy Bible, the inerrant Word of God given to men through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. His word, His desire, His commands, His laws must become ours. Why? If we do not submit to these things, we, in essence, say that we know better, that we have become more intelligent, that we have greater understanding. How foolish! If God is not all powerful, all knowing, and ever present, what purpose is there in serving Him? Also know that submission is not a one time act or something done when convenient. Submission is an ongoing act whether in season or out of season.

When the world brings about those things which are against the laws of God, it is only in submission to God that we must stand for what God says is right. Our opinion must mirror what the Word of God has to say about any given subject. In the eyes of the world, we as Christians are seen as hateful, proud, arrogant, self righteous, and hypocrites. In the eyes of the One you have submitted to you are seen as His precious child. Be bold, be brave for we are not here to please the world! Jesus was persecuted and we should expect no less. We do not speak out against people, we reach out in courage knowing we will be scorned. We, in love, knowing the bitter end of those who do not submit to Jesus, try to warn and sway any who will hear His word. It is in this sweet submission to the Master that we must be as bold as the three Hebrew children who feared not, being cast into the fiery furnace. It is not in defiance to the world but in submission to the only One who can save the soul that we must speak up, reach out, and endure all the world will throw at us. We are victors, more than conquerors! Not because i think so, but because God, in His word, said so. To Jesus be the glory, for He is truly worthy!


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