Faith, Hope, and Love

Much has been written about faith, hope, and charity. These three subjects have been the inspiration for the worlds greatest dramas. Does your heart return continually to these? Do these words beckon to you? Do they inspire you to lift your eyes and prayers to God in thanksgiving for the abundance which He has supplied to you? For just a few minutes and in a few words let our hearts search out faith, hope, and love.

1st Corinthians:13:13: And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Faith is where we begin. How precious the moment is when the Holy Spirit touches the mortal heart and draws one to know the Creator as their Heavenly Father. Faith is the beginning. Just as a seed, it is planted in fertile ground. As God gives the increase, faith begins to grow and mature from a seed into something so much more. Just as a plant can be seen once it penetrates the ground, the increase of faith begins to show through the flesh. Plants grow many times larger than the seed from which they come and faith is no different. Just as God intended, the seed He plants within the accepting heart enlarges and produces fruit. How great that God has given the measure of faith, and He alone should be given praise for allowing us go from belief of the unseen to the manifestation of His work.

Hope is usually defined as expectation or desire. In most contexts I agree with this definition, but i do not find it to be the greater definition. As Christians we already have the fulfillment of our hope in Jesus. Hope is that point in eternity which we do expect and desire, yet by faith we see as accomplished. It is our appointment with eternity in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is by God’s grace we should no longer think of hope as a wish, but a promise. Hope is a certainty by which we rejoice for the soon coming day of Jesus. Our King is our Hope and He is the fullness thereof.

Charity, what greater word might we use in place of love? Charity is given away. It is given without expectation. It is given without condition. Is our love able to be called charity? Do we give without expectation? God gave His only begotten Son for the world. His Gift is free. He has given to all who will believe. He has given to all, and all that have accepted Jesus Christ was unworthy. The Bible says “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. It also says that He loved us first. At our best, how undesirable we are in this flesh! Yet, because of His love we are perfect in His eyes. He has given in an abundance we cannot yet understand, and because He has loved, charity is the greatest. Jesus Christ is the love of God toward all mankind. Jesus is the fulfillment of faith, hope, and charity. The world defines these things much differently and when we hear these words, let us know they all point to Jesus! Praise be to Jesus, for He is truly worthy!


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