There comes a time when even the most devout heart comes under attack by the weapons of fear, insecurity, and even doubt. The moments, however fleeting or enduring, must not overcome your hearts. None are good enough of their own merit, no, not one. The flesh and carnal mind are weak. They reason and prod to surrender, always looking at the temporal.

Coming to the knowledge of our sin we reach out to the Savior, who by His work, reaches down to the lowest depths of despair and raises up those who call upon Him. Once we have accepted His sacrifice and grace we rejoice in His cleansing power. At once we know the joy of salvation, but how long before the enemy attacks? How long before Satan sends his demonic forces to steal the joy which has been given to you?

Have you given in to despair? Have you lost strength? Have you been overwhelmed and feel helpless? Everyone has found themselves in what has seemed a ferocious battle. Friends, be of good cheer. God is sovereign. He has overcome the world! He is in control. You may feel as though you have fallen, but I can assure you by the Word of God, you have hope:

Jude:1:24: Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,

Once you put your faith into Jesus, the battles that seem lost are but the weakness of the carnal mind and flesh. The Holy Spirit says that He is able to keep you from falling! If you have truly put your faith in Christ, not only is He able to keep you from falling, He will present you faultless. His sacrifice is sufficient, He is your atonement, He is your righteousness!! Not only will He present you faultless before the presence of His glory, He will do it with exceeding joy. He will take joy in presenting you faultless. For all the times we feel as though we have failed, for all our weakness, for all we could not do, He did for us!

Quit thinking about how weak you are. No longer should you consider how difficult the trials and tribulations are or how impossible it all seems. He has already won the victory. He has won your victory. Praise Jesus, for He is truly worthy!



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