Moments after

Have you considered the day after the rapture? Have you given it much thought? Have you truly considered, contemplated, or meditated on what the world, your country, or your town may look like?

I know there is much controversy surrounding the rapture teaching. I also know there are several views as to when it will happen. Those things aside, for the sake of time, let us consider it happens tomorrow. The morning comes when Jesus calls home His saints, those found worthy by His blood. First and foremost, where do you see yourself?
If you find yourself there in His presence, why would anything else matter? It matters because you probably know someone who will not be among the redeemed. You may be related to someone who has not considered the things that will take place or the truth He set forth in His Word.

Matthew:7:14: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Moments after the rapture, world economies will crumble. Money will have no value. Looting and riots will ensue. Supplies around the world will be cut off. Traffic routes will be impassable, cars left running, idling, and crashed will be the barricades. Services such as water, electric, sewage, and garbage will falter with no one to maintain them. That would indeed mean no electric, no water, no modern accommodations.

Looting will turn friendly neighborhoods into battle zones. There will be no immediate supplies of gasoline, food, groceries, or medicine. Hospitals will be running over, unable to keep up with the injured, sick, elderly, and dying. Wait times for care will exceed people’s patience. Panic and fear will have a majority of people in their grip.

Communication locally, nationally, and internationally will be sporadic at best. People will begin to hoard, pilfer, kill and steal as the survival instinct takes charge. Missing loved ones will be afterthoughts with so much to deal with. Who do you trust? Who can sort this kind of world-wide tragedy out? Who will people look to, upon whom will they cast their care? Their faith? A worldly savior will rise, and gladly offer all the help and assistance that will be needed. All that will be asked is that they will knowingly take his mark, his number upon their hand or forehead.

Is it too hard to imagine that this could happen? This is just a few thoughts, a few imaginings of a world that may be and in a not too distant future. There are terror cells across the world, funded by countries with nothing less than world domination as the agenda on which this could be blamed. This is what many may have to look forward to. If not this, something like it, maybe something far worse.

There is good news: There is still time. Jesus is still seeking and saving those who are lost. Lives and futures can be changed, if you will accept Him. Go to Him in prayer, confess your sin to Jesus and be not afraid, for His grace is greater than your sin. Ask His forgiveness, accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life, and please reach out to those you love. The day is coming, and no one knows that day nor that hour. It could be tomorrow. Even so, I pray, come quickly Lord Jesus. It is with hope and prayers this could be your prayer too, for that day is coming.


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