My King ( a poem)

He didn’t fight, he didn’t run
For His work was almost done
Taken from the garden and
Betrayed with a kiss, He was
Sent in the flesh for exactly this

His life no man did take
He gave it freely for our sake
Laying upon the wooden cross
Which they would nail, was the
Son of God who did not fail

A broken body upon a tree, taking
The place of you and me
Our sin upon his shoulders
He felt forsaken, with love in His heart, our place he had taken

A final cry of “it is finished”, this
Victory is not diminished
The devil and sin once and for
All defeated, ” Well done my Son”
I imagine He was greeted

A perfect life He did live, so that
Our sin He could forgive
This is the gift of God, free and
Pure to all, the only requirement
Is to accept His call

Our time is quickly coming to end
To our eternity, He will send
Heaven or Hell will be the final resting place, all dependent on your acceptance of His grace

A greater Friend you cannot find
In one name, Salvations plan defined, He promised never to
Forsake or leave us, the name above all names, His name is Jesus



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