Not of this World

Throughout the Bible we find many interesting passages and phrases, and some of these send our hearts and thoughts wandering in amazement toward a truth we cannot yet comprehend. The Word of God is in many ways so much more than we can comprehend. The carnal, the human, the fleshly things we understand. The spiritual truths are often a lengthy pursuit, a quest for deeper understanding and riches beyond our imagination. Those truths are given by the Author to those who seek Him and His kingdom first.

Other times we find statements, phrases, and verses that lead us to meditate on Him. Jesus has prepared for us so much more than this world, this life, can show. While in this flesh, many of the spiritual things of God are veiled to us, for what more is this flesh than a veil? Yet, there are times, places, and people that have been given the privilege to see beyond this veil and glimpse the glory of God.

One of those verses, for me, is found in the book of John:

John:17:16: They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

This verse, for me, is an awesome statement. Jesus says that we are not of the world just as He is not of the world. He makes a direct connection between Himself and us. The fact that the King of kings mentions us in the same breath as Himself is incredible. Does that fill you with awe? With wonder? Does that move you in any way? To know that we are like Him, in any way, because of Him and all He has done and given is indescribable.

Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we die to this world. Just as we die to this world, our life is then in Him. Our citizenship here, in this world, is temporary. We gain a new, permanent address and become citizens of His kingdom. One verse, so many thoughts.

This verse can also be a way to live, a mantra, a battle cry. We live in this world, but do we live TO this world? We cannot serve two masters, nor should we try!

The reason I decided to write this article and the many thoughts that the verse brought to mind is as simple as a bumper sticker. On the back glass of a vehicle I seen a sticker with “NoTW” (Not of This World). If you are not familiar with this brand, maybe you should check them out. Their website is

I met some of the NOTW staff at a Seventh Day Slumber concert. While at their clothing booth my wife and I made a couple of purchases. I cannot tell you how good it is to truly deal with a Christian business that is not afraid of the name Jesus, nor are they ashamed of the gospel. It is my privilege to relay what a great brand they are building on the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have to say, I like their brand and I am not afraid to let people know that I may be in this world, but I am Not of This World!

It is a great verse, a great message, and in the day and time in which we live, I feel as though we should support Christian business and the message they are sending. It has been said “you may be the only Bible a person reads”, and I find that to be true, so let Christ be seen in you. Live as though you are not of this world, and let Jesus be glorified in all that you are and do.


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