I Stand with Israel

We all have opinions, and we base those opinions on our beliefs, don’t we? As a professing Christian your beliefs must stem from the Bible, the Word of God. Accepting Jesus as your Savior is an act of salvation, yet, there is more to it than “just salvation”. If you are born again, you (the old man) has died to this world and your new life is found in Jesus. You are transformed, made new, and begin a new walk, not for yourself but for the One who died for you. Old things have passed away. This should include old habits, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. Unless it is found in the Bible, what is the basis for your belief?

Your Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Son of God. Do you understand He was also a Jew? Not only was He a Jew, He was crucified as King of the Jews. If you have a prejudice against the Jewish people, how can you profess a Savior who is also Jewish? I know there is a school of thought called “Replacement Theology” that attempts (poorly I might add) to remove “Israel” and replace it with the “church”. This is another anti-semitic tactic used to attack the Jewish people and their land, Israel.

In the book of Matthew you can trace the Jewish heritage of Jesus, and be assured that He is Jewish. It is written He and His family participated in Jewish feasts, He taught in the Jewish temple, was born in Bethlehem (a town in Israel), and was referred to as the Passover Lamb. It does not get more Jewish than that. The Bible further states that Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

God, from the very beginning, chose a sacred place where His Son would give a sacrifice that all who believed on Him would be saved. Of all the lands in the world, God chose the land of Israel. He gave that land to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their seed (the Jewish people) forever. History will tell you the Jewish people have been taken into captivity, have been scattered from that land, and the land has been divided, which is true. Many people have inhabited that land, have ruled over that land, but the land has never belonged to anyone but the Jewish people. It is there in that land of Israel, from the capital city of Jerusalem, where the King of kings, Jesus will rule and reign. This is why we should continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

God stated in His Word whoever touches the Jewish people touches the apple of His eye. He also said though the land would appear to be dead, He would once again bring His people into their own land. That happened in 1948. This should be enough to show that Israel and the Jewish people are important to God and they are still in His plans. Some of those plans include wars. There is the Psalm 83 war. There is the war of Gog/Magog. There is the battle of Armageddon. War has been a very real part of their history and a very sure part of their future. All of these wars will work to accomplish God’s purpose, not just for Israel, but the world also.

Israel is becoming a cup of trembling to the nations of the world. They are becoming a burdensome stone, not just to the world, but their allies also. All of this has been foretold in the Word of God. So, it should be no surprise to see the lack of support they are receiving. What is surprising, to me, is the swiftness in which Israels allies are distancing themselves and the boldness many people are showing by supporting the enemies of Israel. There is a very important verse from Genesis each person should keep in mind:

Genesis:12:3: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

For me, it does not matter what the worlds opinions of Israel are. Throughout the Bible you find that God favors Israel and the Jewish people. God said in His Word that He is married to the nation Israel. God also says the Jewish people are His chosen people. These reasons alone should be enough for you to support Israel. The plans God has for His people, and their land should tell you where your support should be. Today, I tell you that I stand with Israel and the Jewish people, do you?



  1. I would hasten to suggest that “replacement theology” is in fact really just a poor straw man construction which serves to reframe the entire conversation and obscure the overall issue. It is not an act of “anti-Semitism” to reject what ultimately boils down to being dual-covenant theology. It is simply a position which maintains that the plan of Salvation for the Jewish people remains the same as it always has been for both Jews and Gentiles alike, through faith in Christ…

    Did the apostles, and the first century Christians (most of whom were also Jewish) preach this message of there being two applications of the Abrahamic covenant, or did they clearly teach that there was only ONE..?

    1. As I understand it, there is only one way, through Jesus Christ. The intent was not to say that “replacement theology” IS antisemitic, but rather is now used as a subtle tool toward that view.

      1. having been engaged in quite a few of these conversations surrounding this topic, it has been a fairly reoccurring thing to encounter claims of “anti-Semitism” when one goes to far as to say that it is not actually biblical for us as Christians to feel compelled to not only support Jewish peoples and their rights to exist and worship freely etc., but to in fact fully support the state of Israel as defined by what was created in 1948…

        Time and time again, I hear my fellow Christians making very similar statements to the one you make here: “Many people have inhabited that land, have ruled over that land, but the land has never belonged to anyone but the Jewish people. It is there in that land of Israel, from the capital city of Jerusalem, where the King of kings, Jesus will rule and reign. This is why we should continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

        But no one ever bothers to try and explain exactly how this is supposed to make sense. How is this idea really supposed to play out in the real world?

        If we believe in Jesus and the fact that He conquered sin and death by his sacrifice on the cross and resurrection, giving us a chance to have eternal life in Him, to live forever in an eternal Kingdom, then how/why do we turn around and somehow try to infuse into the Gospel this idea that the nation/state of Israel, full of mainly secular, (and/or at least orthodox, Christ-denying Jews) will somehow constitute the platform through which Christ will rule and reign?

        I have a very hard time putting together a picture of how most Christian Zionists would figure this will happen, but my best guess is that they think at some point there will be this massive revival or repentance within Israeli jewishdom, and so somehow the secular, anti-Christian nation will instantly turn around into the most Christian place in the world? (most Christians in the U.S. and elsewhere today who constantly rally for Israel are unaware that it is in fact illegal in Israel for them to even openly share Jesus with people…)

        But even so, if we do believe that Israel is destined to have this en masse repentance and acceptance of Christ, whereby most/all Jews became Christian, and thus became “co-heirs” with Christ alongside the gentile believers, then how/why do we still conceive of the (ethnically) Jewish people still having this specialized “right to the Land”..? I don’t get it. Do Zionist Christians really envision an eternity, or even the millennium for that matter, where God continues on some racially-defined segregation amongst his redeemed?

        Can we picture any of the apostles or early Christians were who Jewish, saying to their gentile brothers “Sorry, but this is OUR land, you gotta move out to beyond the wall…”??

        (What was it that Peter said to the Jews who were separating themselves from the gentile believers again….?)

      2. According to the way Paul worded it, the Gentiles (the wild olive branch) were grafted into the the same covenants as the Jewish people (the natural olive branch). According to other scripture the promises are to all who believe, whether they be of the circumcision or uncircumcision. In Jesus, we are as one. Just as the church age is for the church, the tribulation period is to once again turn the Jewish people to God and recognize Jesus as Messiah, so that all are one and Christ is all in all. The Christian faith is based on Jesus and grace in the New Testament, with its beginnings and roots in the Old Testament which is what Judaism is founded upon. Adoption into the family of God by the work of Christ and all that it entails is quite a lengthy and scholarly pursuit to which I would not pretend to know all the answers. Yet, when he promised the land to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their descendants forever, I take him at his word.

      3. Indeed, and taking Him at His word is precisely what I feel we are called to do. And the promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, along with your points about us being “grafted in” are very central to the conversation, I would agree.

        When I read through the entire book of Hebrews for the first time, and read what it has to say about how those promises given to Abraham are still waiting to be fulfilled, I was blown away. Because, like you said, if we are truly “grafted in”, through Christ, then we are included in those promises, even the ones referring to the land…

        It’s really kind of an “all or nothing” sort of deal, yet we try and jump back and forth between the Abrahamic covenant applying sometimes to those who have the faith of Abraham (those who believe in Jesus), and sometimes just to those who are physically descended from him.

        But what did Jesus say to the Pharisees who indignantly replied to Him they “We are the children of Abraham!”..? He said, “if you truly WERE Abraham’s descendants, then you would believe in me, as he did…”

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