I was born in 1976 in Logan County, West Virginia. I graduated from Chapmanville High School in 1994. I later pursued an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, graduating in 2004. Professionally, I have worked as an armed security officer at a hospital, several years as a police officer, and currently I work as a supervisor doing armed security for the federal government.

I grew up going to the Church of God. Unfortunately I rebelled during my teen years. In 2002, I confronted my sin, asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart and save me, and have been in His care since. I now attend and teach at the Church of God I attended as a child. I have been married since 2006, we were blessed with a son in 2007, and another in August of 2013.

I have written several fictional short stories which I hope to have published. It is my intent to spend time as a witness, teach, preach, and write as the Lord leads me. My ultimate goal is to be pleasing unto Him.

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