Take up your cross

We have a duty to live each day purposefully. So many people take every day for granted and have taken no thought of doing anything more than surviving the day and hoping to do the same tomorrow. We are not supposed to live this way. Our days are numbered, we have no promise of tomorrow. Are we serving ourselves with the time we have? Are we wasting the precious gift of life?

Luke:9:23: And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

The first thing we must be doing is following Jesus! He set forth the perfect example. We must be pursuing perfection with our lives. This is not a choice, this becomes our new walk, our transformation. Being a new creature in Christ, it becomes our desire!

In this pursuit of our Savior we find that we must deny ourselves. We cannot be selfish within any part of our lives. Our time, our possessions, our very being must be secondary to the command, direction, call, and example of Jesus. Denying ourselves is very difficult and wages war against our very nature. Yet, when we deny ourselves, He becomes dominant in our being, He is made witness for others to see, He is glorified.

Then we must take up our cross. We do not take up our cross once then lay it aside, we are to take it up daily. This statement shows that it will not be easy, but it does show the extent of how closely we are to pursue our Master. The cross is not pleasant to look upon. It appears heavy, shameful, and more burdensome than we can bare. Do not let the appearance fool you. Do not be afraid. We have all sinned. We have all fallen short of God’s glory, yet God loved us. For this purpose we were given a Savior. We too have a responsibility to Christ, no matter how difficult it seems, we must follow Him, and we must live to purposefully glorify Jesus. He loved you enough to take up His cross which is far greater than the cross He has planned for you. Your cross is yours but not alone, and given only that you too could follow Him. He is our strength, He is our sufficiency. He carried His cross, He will also help carry yours. Let Him show you His strength, grasp onto your cross, lift it, take the first step and openly declare that you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you! Let Jesus be glorified, for He is truly worthy!